One-Time Construction Loan


A one-time construction loan, is a type of mortgage that combines the financing for both the construction of a new home AND the long-term mortgage into a single loan. It streamlines the process by eliminating the need for separate loans for construction and permanent financing. These loans are available for primary residences only.

These loans offer several benefits, including convenience, streamlined loan processing, and potential cost savings by avoiding multiple closings.

If you are interested in obtaining a one-time construction loan, please reach out to our team of professionals at Sterling Financial Services. We can guide you through the process and provide guidance on the specific requirements and options available to up based on your circumstances.

One-Time Construction Loan Limits:

Number of Units                                                               Maximum original principal balance

1                                                                                             $726,200

2                                                                                             $929,850

3                                                                                             $1,123,900

4                                                                                           $1,396,800